12 February 2014

Beauty: Nail Varnish Favourites.

When it comes to nail varnish I tend to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. From jet black to bright milky white and everything in between. The box where my nail polishes live is probably a touch big, no one needs 6 reds really but they are all different shades... slightly... kind of... not really...

My favourites change a lot, I will have a phase where all I want is dark colour then I will crave a bright, girly colour like nothing on earth. Currently I am in a dark phase... how deep does that sound! Not that deep...

Without further a-do or rambling of the nonsensical nature let me introduce you to my Current Favourite Nail Varnishes. Drum roll please!

Nails Inc in Savile Row : A deep plum toned shade that looks like a flat dark but actually on closer inspection has a beautiful rich depth to it without being over powering. A magazine freebie, this is a nail colour I go back to again & again. It is dark enough to almost look like black but doesn't hold the same harsh quality that a true jet black can sometimes hold especially against a paler skin tone.

Nails Inc in Piccadilly Circus : The most exotic of the 5, Piccadilly Circus was another magazine freebie! Brighter than the deep plums, Piccadilly Circus is a deep cerise shade that is bright enough to be different & eye-catching but not too in your face with a deep burgundy look in certain lights.

Estee Lauder in Blackberry : A 21st Birthday present, this polish has stood the test of time. As perfect as it was on that day back in 2010! Deep, rich colour that last for days and days on the nails. A little more expensive than other nail polishes but 100% worth the £14 price tag. An interesting dark that polished & put together. Perfect.

Nails Inc in Victoria : This is the oldest of the 5 - as shown by the old school Nails Inc bottle - but although having a few more miles on the clock, this polish is still in tip top condition. Still applies beautifully, has lasting power & remains a firm staple in my collection. A deep cherry red shade - and I mean deep - this is another beauitful colour that from a distance looks like any other dark polish but on closer inspection has depth & an edge to it that makes it a lot softer & more flattering than a jet black. *It sounds like I am bashing jet black nails, I'm not, I love jet black nails too just not as a favourite at the moment.*

Barry M Gelly in Watermelon : This is a very recent buy but after buying 3 from this line there was not any umming or ahhing over which one I would be jazzing up my nails with first. Watermelon is as the name states the gorgeous deep, rich blue toned green of the outside of a watermelon! Being a fan of dark brown, blue & purples, Watermelon is a nice change without having to venture over the the bright side. It's a bit different, it's fun & the formula is so beautiful.

What are some of your favourite polishes? Aid me in adding to my addiction!


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