4 February 2014

Fashion: New job, new clothes

Starting a new job is nerve wracking. Even more so when it is your first 'adult' job. Scary, scary times. Naturally this meant that some new threads was necessary, got to look the part right? With this in mind I picked up a few new bits here and there over the past few weeks in order to be office ready!

Forever 21 Basics - Grey long sleeved top £6.95 Blue & Black Vest tops £3.90 each

Forever 21 printed trousers £13.95
H&M Leather Trousers £24.99
H&M Printed Trousers £14.99 

H&M Fluffy Cardigan £29.99

H&M Floral Print Dress £19.99

I might put together a few little outfits with these bits maybe at the weekend just to show how I might wear them. I haven't worn them all to work yet - it is only day two! Happy Tuesday!

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