10 February 2014

Fashion: Spec-tacular

After much debate - it got heated, just FYI - I decided that my new specs should & would fall under the category of fashion. They are an accessory, are they not? In my case vital also for the purposes of seeing but I might as well do so in a fashionable manner.

My previous pair of glasses were 6 years old, been through the wars & looking a bit tired. They also had never had the lenses updated over the 6 years which probably wasn't good for my peepers at all considering my sight has got a lot worse since the fair old age of 18! So following a little treat from Mama erratic glamour, I dipped into my savings to pay the remaining balance & got myself a lovely pair of new glasses.

I debated between a Fendi frame - which made me look a touch like my passed on Granny - and a Nicole Farhi pair. Eventually I settled for the Nicole Farhi pair. With a beautiful tortoise shell effect on the front rim around the lenses, a  pale emerald shade on the inside lense frame & legs finished with meddle ear tips these glasses were the ones for me. They aren't overly large on my face, key when you are a small faced being like myself but are strong enough not to get lost. You know this gurl has her specs on!

Overall, they were totally worth the money & I probably should have invested in a new pair a long time ago but shoulda woulda coudla!


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