16 February 2014

L I F E : S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

1. Friday saw the arrival of the day of love - Valentines! My team at work is made up of all women & one man on a temp contract, we all got a Valentine which we presume is from the one man but nothing has been confirmed... It was really cute especially if it was him. And although it was a 'joke' valentine, it's my first one! Safe to say those chocolates got demolished. With it being V-Day, Sainsburys had a little Pug of love reduced so naturally I had to buy it! Meet Mike, my little pug of love.

2. My favourite outfit of the week had to be my Zara spotty blouse - which is coming up in a haul soon - and my Topshop fur gilet. I liked it so much it became a 100 days of happy! (Click here to see more! )

3.Myself & my little live in chummy went to see Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday night at the Dominian, amazing pictures - couches, little coffee tables, footstools! I didn't enjoy the film as much as I'd expected, the first hour or so was bearable but it just dragged on after that. I may have also fallen asleep too... I blame the couches.

4.I need a new TV series to watch. I don't have anything at the moment that I just come in & watch. Any suggestions are welcome. Generally murder mystery, reality TV or a documentary. Give me a shout if you have any suggestions!

5. I am seriously considering chopping my hair back into a pixie cut. I had a pixie for ages but then decided I wanted to grow it out & have been for nearly a year. I miss my pixie... I think it suit it better too. Something about hair on my face makes the distance from ear to ear look really wide. I am doing some research into pixies as to what I would go for or whether I would just chop everything off again. Watch this space I guess.

6. Not working a weekend is still a total treat for me. It so nice to be able to say to going out & doing things on a Saturday instead of being stuck at work till 9pm. Eventually I am sure this will sink it but for now it is all very new and strange...

Happy Sunday!


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