23 February 2014

L I F E : S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

1. Yesterday I finally got my haircut. Rocking a fringe with some length that I can wear down. I have got a full post about my new head of hair well it's not new hair but you know what I mean! I hope?! I won't spoil the surprise for y'all. That wouldn't be fun but if the anticipation is getting to much for you and you don't think you can wait till the day that I finally post the fore mentioned post then go have a peep at my Instagram. I cannot be blamed for any disappointment.

2. Gaslight Anthem has been my soundtrack for the week without a doubt. You can't beat a good Gaslight track. Lyrics with meaning,some guitar and Brian's husky lovely voice. Easy way to get my through my bus ride home from work. Every words handwritten, don't ya know!

3. Friday night involved a lads night with Clare. Lads night includes pizza and cider. We aren't hardcore enough for beer... one day we'll be true lads. One day... *sigh* Anyway, Clare is a YouTuber - Clare McBean - following my awkward experiment on the video platform that is, we decided to make a couple of videos together. This will probably be my first on my channel as I decided my old ones were too awkward, I hated my facial expressions and shat it! Basically. Go check out Clare though.

4. Following my Saturday haircut, myself and my Croc - private joke - Emma took ourselves out for eats. After trying 2 places - one was full, the other just plain manky - we took ourselves to Bar Soba on Hanover Street. An Asian mix with a cocktail menu that features some different and tasty mixes. The food was amazing and that is coming from a non-spice fan. Atmosphere was nice and my company was excellent as always. (I have to be nice about my friends now seen as they read this...)

5. My search for a new TV programme has hit an all time low. Where are all the good TV programmes?! All I'm asking for is some form of crime investigation, possibly an attractive male I can pretend is my boyfriend and possibly a little romance - between attractive male and probably equally as attractive female.

6. Sunday is going to be filled with not a lot. I love a lazy Sunday. Possibly jammies all day cause I'm that crazy and if I manage to find a good programme a good few eps of that...

Happy Sunday Cheekas!


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