9 February 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

1. This week I started my new job. Monday was filled with the normal excitement and adrenaline. Tuesday was probably more nervy and scary, to be honest which is odd but that is how it went! It is nice to be doing a job I am interested in and that requires thought & learning. Big up thought & learning! Plus I don't have to wear a uniform, can wear nail polish all day ery-day & get weekends off.

2. 100 happy days has become so popular recently so naturally as a social media fan, I jumped on the bandwagon! I am using Instagram as my platform so if you fancy checking it. out on you go! It makes me think over what has actually cheered up my day that day!I almost fell into the food everyday posting but to be honest, there is more to happiness than food! Who knew! Although, it helps.

3.This weekend marked my first proper weekend off in years. Probably since about the age of 17. I always used to work weekends. This said I wanted to chill out, catch up some friendies & generally just enjoy my days off! So that is what I did! Saturday saw me taking myself for a few drinks .. and a Nandos (I need to workout...) to watch some Six Nations fixtures. Today - Sunday- I don't think I am doing too much, just chilling possibly getting some food shopping in! Oh the glam!

4. After 6 years off the same glasses, I finally bit the bullet & got myself some new specs! About time, considering that the lenses hadn't been update since I bought the old pair so chances I couldn't actually see out of them are extremely high! I probably will do a little blog post about the latest erratic glamour accessory of S/S 2014 cause ya know, I'm chic as f*ck...

5.  Zara Sale. Two words I am sure have made a number of girls (and guys) very happy. Alongside doing amazingly wonderful fashion, the sale is a dream land of reduced amazingly wonderful fashion! A few months ago Mama erratic glamour (Mama F to those closer) posted me a cut out from The Sunday Times because she knew the skirt was right up my street. After feeling a little strapped for cash, I decided not to get it. Skip forward 4 or so months & what do I find in the Zara sale... fore mentioned skirt for the bargain price of dun dun dun .... £10! Sold. I may have also added a blouse too... It was half price!

6. Anyone else watch Vanderpump Rules? I am obsessed. 4 episodes in & I cannot get enough. So much fake drama but so much good drama! Who doesn't love a bar/restaurant based workplace filled with staff sleeping together, bitching about one another & fighting?! Sensible, intellectual TV I am sure you will agree...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Happy Sunday chickas x


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