23 March 2014

Sunday Session

Welcome to the new Sunday feature on erratic glamour! Please contain your excitement. Basically, Six for Sunday was starting to grate on me, sometimes I don't have 6 specific topics - that are interesting - to discuss. A general post sans structure works better for me. I can ramble to my hearts content without sitting searching for a number 5!

This week wasn't overly busy really. I had a few bits on but mostly my time was taken up by work. I started French lessons on Wednesday night which went really well. It is surprising how much you actually remember, the last time I did french was about 7 years ago at school but I remembered bits and pieces. Wednesday was also curry night, I'm not a massive spicy food fan but this curry with a wee glass of wine went down an absolute treat. Be going back there again when the curry cravings come.

A nasty little cold that is doing the rounds in the office finally got to me and due to a horrible cough I managed to ping my back - on going back problem means it is easy to re injure! - so I spent Friday night and most of Saturday resting and trying to shift both. Luckily I am feeling better today apart from a few little pangs of pain and my cough still hanging about I moved myself and went out. I went to Napiers which is a Herbalist here in Edinburgh to get some jojoba oil for my face as I hear it is good for dry skin especially dry skin that appeared due to my own silly choice of using a product I know doesn't agree with my skin! I also picked up some tea tree oil for my face so hopefully my skin will pull it's act together soon. Once I had got my oils, I headed to get my rook pierced - picture here. I had been putting it off for ages but today I was really in the mood to go and get it done so I told myself this frame of mind is the time to get it done and I did. I love it! Getting pierced is so addictive. I should have believed the piercer when she said I'll see you next time!

Happy Sunday!

22 March 2014


H&M home cups £3.99 each

H&M home elephant pillow case £3.99 

H&M home has only recently come to Edinburgh and I for one am very about this. I love a good ol' homeware shop espeically when they have unique bits that are affordable. That is exactly what I found with H&M Home. I only picked up three bits because I have quite a lot of new bits in my room so didn't want to go too crazy. Recently my make up brushes had been stuffed in a white ceramic square pot which served the purpose but when I saw these gorgeous patterned cups, I couldn't walk past them. They have matching bowls and side plates too if you are looking for a little dinner set. 

The pillow was bought purely because there is an elephant on it and I love elephants! It is the start of my new collection thing - random cushions for my bed. Every collection of cushions should start with an elephant pillow! 


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21 March 2014


Matching Tailoring. Hello! Nothing makes me smile - in terms of clothes - more than some tailoring, if it has an interesting pattern in a different colour then that is just a big fat bonus. While having one of my many daily scrolls through Pinterest - find me here - I came across a whole host of patterned co-ords that I instantly fell in love with. I wrote about dinner suits in particular over a year ago, if you fancy for suit based musings then you can find that here.

three reasons I love co-ords

1. It is classic tailoring (love) with an interesting spin. Chuck in a bright colour or an intricate pattern and you have an outfit that is not only versatile in terms of wearing with different items but it is a little bit different. An probably very eye catching. 

2. A suit is viewed as a masculine piece. I love androgyny so it doesn't bother me too much to wear black tux trousers, a velvet dinner jacket with some sparkly accessories and killer heels (one of my favourtie outfits I won) but a little pattern thrown into the mix can pull the look back from being overly masculine. I mean you don't see every other man walking down the street wearing a well tailored suit with a pink brocade pattern on it! If you have seen a man like this, send him my way please.

3.  They work for all seasons. If it is a winter wedding, chuck on a (faux) fur jacket and some diamonds earrings - channel your inner Marlyn for the day! In summer, open toe sandals with a simple cami that is cut well and you are all set. Even chucking a polo neck under a co-ord in the winter adds detail and interest without going cray cray with more patterns or colours.

To sum up, co-ords are my fave! What do you think of co-ords? Yay or nay?

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20 March 2014


Just a little book TAG I did over on erratic glamour on YouTube! Enjoy! x

18 March 2014


First published in 1936, Daphne Du Maurier sets Jamaica Inn in 1820s Cornwall with the main character being Mary Yellan. I won't go into too much details because there is nothing worse than the story getting ruined. I ruined it for myself while researching Mary Du Maurier, if you want the mystery and suspense of Jamaica Inn to continue for as long as possible stay away from Google!

Initial & Final Thoughts

(I should note, initial and final thoughts are wrapped into one purely because I was too engrossed in the plot to bother jotting down some initial thoughts!)

From the off set, Du Maurier had me hooked. The suspense was there from the get-go. Her style of writing builds up fear and you develop genuine dislike, hate even, towards her Uncle and at first I felt sympathy to her Aunt but I came to loath her purely because she was so helpless. Brainwashed even. I understand she was beaten down, a broken woman essentially but Mary had a fighting spirit and courage that I admired and wanted to see from Aunt Patience as well. Nevertheless, Jamaica Inn is undoubtedly a gripping story that hooks you in early on.

In chapters of dangerous, key events I found myself reading faster and faster to ensure everything was resolved before I got to work or fell asleep.  Picking up speed was due to the adrenaline and intensity that came from the events also. From reading Jamaica Inn, I have already planned another couple of Du Maurier books I plan to read - Rebecca and My Cousin, Rachel are next on my list. Her style of writing is beyond perfect with interesting and addictive plot line, a definite on my list of favourite books.

I have also been told that the BBC are releasing a TV adaption of Jamaica Inn this summer I believe which I will without a shadow of a doubt be tuning into and know doubt fall in love with!

Have you read any Du Maurier books? Did you like them?

Next reads

For my 4th books of 2014, I have decided to go for something a bit different. Leant to me by my flatmate, Emma - you might meet her soon - Amor Twoles 'Rules of Civility' will be by April book. They aren't really running month by month but it is my 4th book nonetheless. Alongside this 1930s tale from New York City I shall be dipping in and out of Black Cats & Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes. More of a 'coffee table' book, I plan to read this every now and again when I want a quick little literary fix. 

Previous book reviews:

Lunch in Paris

2014 Reading Challenge Reviews

Paris Revealed


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17 March 2014


                              Zara blouse via ebay / £24

I shopped... again. Oopsy. Between buying books and random things I probably don't need, I have picked up a few tops recently. They are versatile and can be worn to work or at the weekend...

A random Zara find on ebay, after paying £6(!!) for postage this little beauty arrived and I instantly knew that this top would see me through 2014's Spring & Summer. It was worth the extortionate postage. (I think taking photos of new buys with them on the body works better than it flopped on the floor, what do you think?)

Zara Fuchsia Pink Heels via ebay - £14

Fuchsia pointy toe heels have always been on my 'to buy' list, everything about them just screams classic, beautiful shoes. Following a delayed postage I realised they had been sent to my old flat. Long story short, the new tenants in my old flat tried to do me out of my shoes - warning: you cannot keep me from my shoes - after almost walking away empty handed I peered in the hall of my old home and saw them out the corner of my eye. Following a very false "Oh I didn't see them there" from fore mentioned new tenant, off I skipped to the bus stop new pretty shoes in tow. (With a major OH EM GEE conversation with Emma on the phone about the cheek of trying to steal these little beatus from me!) To sum up, they are perfectly gorgeous, I love them and cannot wait to wear them. I can see them in my head with so many things. Keep your eyes peeled for a very lady-like feeling erratic glamour...

In short, Zara find on ebay has been a success. got two pieces that I love and can't wait to wear. Winning. 

What have been your ebay steals?


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16 March 2014


one - the gym
Tuesday night saw my return to the gym. I used to love going to the gym then I branched out and worked out by myself, I'm not sure what I enjoy more. With summer round the coroner who wants to be cramped up in an airless gym? More on my gym trip later...

two - Jamaica Inn
Chosen as my 3rd read of 2014, Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn is without a doubt one of the most perfectly written novels I've ever read. And I mean ever. Gripping from the get go, this story is just too wonderful. A review to come soon.

three - concussion
So most of this week was spent lying down. I had a bad knock to the end at the gym, went work, felt shit so came home. After a trip to A&E, I have been resting! It isn't fun but as long as my dizzy, fuzzy head stays away then I will be happy. Conclusion, concussion is a weird weird thing! Between naps, YouTube videos and episodes of Suits I've tried to wiggle in some blog post planning. 

four - vintage fair
This afternoon was a bit of a time travel experience, myself and some chums headed to a vintage fair in Edinburgh. After being attracted to every other sparkly, jeweled thing in sight I opted to part ways with my cash for a gorgeous black evening top that I plan to wear to my cousins wedding in April. Razzle Dazzle them and all that! 

five - Monki
While resting and recuperating, the delivery man appeared at my flat door with a lovely little Monki order. My first time with the brand everything went smoothly. I bought a blouse and a tee both of which I am sadly returning due to not being 100% sure on them. If you aren't sure, chances are you won't wear them but I think in the future I will be purchasing more from Monki - they seem to be the Queens of printed blouse, dresses with details that are just a little bit different and affordable basics. 

six - Jeux d'enfants 
Love me if you Dare a French film (with english sub titles) starring Marion Cotillard and Gulliaume Canet. Cotillard is my favourite actress so I figured this film would be a nice way to spend my Thursday night, don't get me wrong it was. Little bit of romance, playful flirtatious bickering but a disappointing ending. There is nothing worse than a let down of an ending!


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15 March 2014


As a self confessed introvert, I think,  people sometimes misunderstand what an introvert is and that introverts come in all forms. I suppose as with everything in life, there are many shapes and sizes. So I figured, I would put my 2 cents in on the topic.

Being an introvert has a lot of negative stigmas that go along with the label but just because you enjoy some time to yourself or conversation that is meaningful rather than passing the time of day with a person, what is so wrong with that?

Oxford Dictionary Definition of an introvert:

Line breaks: intro|vert

1. A shy, reticent person

1.1 Psychology A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. Compare with extrovert.

To an extent, I would agree with this definition. Shy, I think, is a word pasted onto all introverts when in fact this doesn't apply to all of us. Personally, being shy or quiet is normal until I am comfortable around that person. Once I'm comfortable you will probably find it incredibly difficult to shut me up!  I love chatter and finding out about people - tip to getting to know people, ask questions! - you just have to give me time to relax into your company. I'm sure there are other 'introverts' that feel the same, just because I am being quiet doesn't mean that I don't want to be there or feel part of the activities. Listening and observing are traits I hold in high regard. Would you really spend a lot of time talking with someone that just doesn't listen to what you say? 

One place where I actually found a definition that I found to be accurate was Urban Dictionary of all places. Not exactly the place you turn to for a sensible definition. I like going out with friends whether it be  nights out, shopping, the pictures, dinner... the list goes on but after spending a long time with people, I just like to chill by myself and re-group. My imagination is a vivid one and sometimes I like to go wandering in it and then come back to earth when I feel recharged. What's so bad about that?! 

Are you an introvert? Do you feel tared by the same brush? While researching introverts, I came across this little quiz on the Guardian website. Go do it if you have a free minute, everyone loves a quiz, right? 


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14 March 2014

STYLE / C R U SH / 35


Laura Jackson was an unknown to me until I stumbled upon her wardrobe tour video a couple of Sundays ago. To be honest, she still kind of is an unknown - I know she is a presenter and featured in the Tia Maria adverts but apart from that I'm a tad clueless. I digress, Ms Jackson has some good style. She mixes vintage with current and textures with details. Pieces are different without being overly 'in style' or obnoxious. Plus she has a perfect balance between designer, vintage designer and high street.


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12 March 2014

Fashion / Stripes

Another outfit post. I think I've got back into the swing of outfit posts once more. This time, a simple Sunday outfit. I will say before I went out I switched out my H&M pointed toe shoes for my New Look boots - featured here - as the weather was miserable. Wet feet are never fun. I love breton striped tees and am seeking a red and whtie striped one. Oo La La! Worn with black H&M jeans that have sadly gone baggy at the knee so I won't be buying these again... Chuck in an Oasis leather jacket and a Topshop doctors bag from many moons ago and we are set.

If you haven't already, why not go check out erratic glamour on YouTube!

11 March 2014

10 March 2014

L I F E : F I T - T I M E

Following a stint away from working out regularly - and properly- I have re joined the haven that is the gym. Basically since moving flat, getting a full time desk job and being time poor due to this I feel sluggish and like I've gained a few pounds that just don't work for me. As the old cliche goes, "eat well and exercise the weight will take care of itself" They go hand in hand!

This said, I am identified some bad eating habits that I've adopted as of late which I need to break.

  • Eating due to boredom. Picking, nibbling, munching... the lot. If you aren't hungry - DON'T EAT. Instead do some sit ups, plans for 30s, get a glass of water. Just do something other than eating because I am bored.
  • Carb Overloading. Before my workout lull, I ate little carbs. If I did so, it was complex carbs such as sweet potato. No pasta, no bread... you catch my drift. Instead of carbs fruit & veg with lean protein.  
  • Sweet Treats. I am not a massive fan of sweets or chocolate, I eat them very rarely but the temptation in an office is always there. Sweets and chocolates getting passed round. Pastries delivered on a Friday. Just no. They aren't worth it especially when you don't enjoy it.  

Hopefully with a mix of healthy eating, exercise and a positive attitude I'll be back to my A Game before summer. 

9 March 2014


*Picture courtesy of Pinterest

One - Ebay
 As this the past week rolled on, Ebay seemed to play quite a chunk in not only my internet search history but as a method of fashion acquisition.  I have never properly dipped my toe in the Ebay pond fully, I've dabbled but this week - they haven't arrived yet so they could be a total waste of money - I in specific with my search terms and sought out some Zara goodies. Hopefully when they come they a. fit b. aren't in terrible condition. Both are my size and if they are utterly awful quality shouldn't be up for sale really... watch this space. What is your best ebay buy?

Two - charity shops
Saturday was a day spent wandering down through the charity shops of Morningside into Brunstfield before eventually ending in the Old Town. I didn't buy anything because to be honest nothing really grabbed me so there wasn't any point buying anything! I love charity shops for books and nik-naks for around my room. You can find one off pieces that you know everyone won't end up picking up when they pop into Ikea. The day ended with a slice of gateau from Patisserie Valerie. Perfect.

Three - Gabrielle Aplin
Prior to being introduced to Gabrielle Aplin a few months ago, I had never heard of her! Yesterday while getting ready for the above mentioned trip, I listened to her album. It is perfection. So beautifully sung with songs that don't irritate or are full of meaninglessness lyrics (this is a recurring theme.) Seriously beautiful, easy listening music.

Four - 37 Days to War
A three part drama series on the good ol' beeb this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Documentaries, historical dramas ... you name it, I love it. 37 Days to War looks at the behind the scenes story of the final weeks before the out break of The First World War. Although being British and obviously attending a British State School, I never learned much to anything on WW1. History lessons tended to focus on the Second World War leaving the first in it's shadow so with a natural curiosity for history and it being the centenary this year, I figured it would be worthwhile to gain a little bit of knowledge on an event which had a huge impact on the world. If this sounds like something you would be interested in GO WATCH! It is a wonderful piece of television.

Five - Going back to brown
One a more self centered - and probably pointless - note, after a couple of weeks living as a red head of sorts the time has come to go back to brown. I love red hair but the washing out stage is not fun and being close-ish to my natural hair colour is an easier option for me. Brown hair dye has been purchased now it just needs to be slapped on my head!

Six -erratic glamour make over
Currently erratic glamour is going through a little bit of a make over. Every now and then, the fancy takes me to re-do bits, it just keeps things fresh and interesting. Plus I love playing about with different aspects. Stay tuned for more changes coming soon!

8 March 2014

M O R E - B O O K S

Adding to my pile of books that I want to read this year/soon is not something that I really needed to do but if you see a book you fancy then you should buy it. Books are a sensible use of the dolla. That's my story and I am sticking to it! And if I'm being fair to myself, one book was bought for me so really I only bought three...

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd / Chocolat by Joanne Harris / Black Cats & Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes / The Mysterious Affair at Style by Agathe Christie 

7 March 2014

S T Y L E - C R U S H - # 3 4

 Before writing this post up, I searched through the erratic glamour archive to find out whether one Nicole Richie had actually featured as a style crush before now. She hasn't, too my surprise. I am a massive Nicole fan - her style, her playful love a carry on attitude, she's just great.

Jewel tones for evening. Ripped jeans and simple tees for daytime. The lady can do no wrong. The 3 outfits pictured each play on my senses for the beautiful colours and for the simple details. The shape of a sleeve, a cut. A chevron print - love a chevron. Nicole does effortless chic and does it to perfection.

What do you think of Nicole's style?

4 March 2014


 H&M Jumper similar here / Topshop Skirt Similar here / Oasis Leather Jacket similar here / Mango Bag / New Look Boots

An outfit post, haven't done one of these in a long time. For whatever reason I just stopped doing them but I am back in the swing of blogging regularly so expect more outfits coming up!

This skirt is from Topshop roughly 5 years ago, I love the blue pattern on it especially with quite plain pieces. I teamed the skirt with my fluffy H&M jumper from last year which has seen me through 2 winters, I wish I'd picked it up in other colour. A beautiful pastel pink or cream would look amazing with jeans and Vans. I digress. New Look sale boots, Oasis Leather jacket and my Mango sale bag finished the look off and allowed me to look intensely into the distance of my window and the flats across the street. Oh the shots you get with 10 second self timer and 3 shots. I'm not important, it's my glad rags that are!

I actually really like this outfit and can definitely see me wearing this skirt right into the summer time even though it is a size 14 and hasn't been worn since I fitted into that size but I think even on a size 10 body it still works well. It's too pretty a print to chill in my wardrobe!

3 March 2014

N E W - B U Y S

So apparently I have a shopping problem and find the need to display my purchases on erratic glamour. This week is a little mix of beauty products and some fashion goodies.

A few weeks ago I talked about the Skin Perfecting Miciller Water from L'Oreal  that I picked up as my new make up remover. Don't get me wrong, I still love this product but being a bit of a product lover of course I had to have a nose at the Garnier Micellar Water! My main reason for doing was the fact that the bottle is 400ml opposed to the 200ml of it's L'Oreal counter part. Being roughly the same price giving Garnier a shot seemed like the sensible thing to. Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on Garniers contribution coming soon.

To accompany this, I picked up another Barry M Gelly polish in Lychee. I wasn't overly fussed about this polish for a long time but for some reason I just couldn't resist it this time around. The fair taupe, putty tone called me name and I answered!

While browsing the New Look website in search of a blazer I came across these little gems. Reduced from £27.99 to £14.99, I couldn't resist really. A decent heel for daytime without being huge and some detail - winning. And they were a total steal. I did pick up a really lovely black jacquard blazer for £9 but sadly it is too tight across the back so the search for the perfect blazer - white and black - is back on. 

2 March 2014

L I F E / S I X - F O R - S U N D A Y

*I took little to no pictures on the old iPhone this week so a random snap I send to Mama erratic glamour pre-purchase it is.

1. This week saw my first ever planning and buying experience at my new job! It was most exciting and nice to be doing a job that relates to my degree area. It makes working for 4 years - and getting into debt - feel worthwhile.

2. The gym. I haven't been in a long time and my at home workout routine has ground to a halt so I decided to join the gym a few streets up from my work. I need to do some exercise, sitting at a desk all day make me feel really sluggish and meh so a bit of exercise should see me right. And I bought new pretty Nike trainers featuring the fav colour ... orange!

3.Good Reads is my latest obsession. Being a book lover this site just played to all my senses and is aiding in finding more books more the 12 books of 2014 scheme. Not that I need to add more to my already bulging pile of to read books!

4. I found my perfect white blazer in good old H&M for £24.99 - bargain. It is exactly what I wanted in a blazer added that to the matching suit I bought, orange top and dark grey jeans and a shopping spree I did have. I need them for work...

5. After about a week of brown/red hair I have decided to strip the colour out my hair. It's a nice colour but a tad too red for me even if it does look quite cool with my fringe bob. The anti dandruff shampoo is out in prep of the stripping process and hopefully before long I will be back to my blondy-brown locks in no time.

6.I have had a sudden burst to search out vintage pieces for my wardrobe. I am not sure why to be honest apart from seeing so many people that have found interesting and different pieces that are vintage. Plus velvet features heavily in Vintage shops - love me some velvet hubba hubba.

1 March 2014

F A V O U R I T E S / F E B R U A R Y

February has drawn to a close. That cheeky little month sandwiched in between Winter and Spring has made way for March and hopefully means brighter days, less of a nip in the air and the winter coats getting hung up. Being a Farmers daughter is also means the beginning of an even busier time of year for my dad - lambing time.

I have never really been a monthly favourites kind gal but hey, doing new things is never a bad thing! So without further ado let me introduce my favourites of February 2014. (I don't know why but in my head the Radio 2 Pick of the Pops music played and coming in at number 10 ran through my mind?! If that idea works for you get ready to count down with Tony Blackburn!)


This month saw me fall back in love with Gaslight Anthem. Last summer they were probably my most listened to tracks but over Autumn and winter other artists popped up on my radar leaving Gaslight in the summer of 2013. There is something about there tracks that is just so easy to listen too. There lyrics are well structured and having meaning rather than poorly structured lyrics that mean diddly-squat.Think Black Eyed Peas My Humps if you need some inspiration for meaningless song lyrics...

Other music I've enjoyed in Feb: Gabrielle Aplin, The 1975, Sam Smith, Lily Allen


February was the month of Paris Revealed by Stephen Clarke. It seems like months ago that I finished this perfect little venture into Parisian life but it was about 2 weeks ago! How time flies! I have a book review of this absolutely perfect piece of work - here - so I won't go into too much detail/any!

I started my March 2014 book in February - shhhh! - which is Daphne Du Maurier Jamaica Inn which by Chapter 3 has completely and utterly swallowed me up. It is too wonderful. More on that at the end of March. WARNING: Do not research authors on Wiki if you value the mystery of a plot line.


This month saw my first day in my new job so naturally I had to adopt a smart casual dress sense. To be fair, I would consider myself a smart/casual kind of dresser anyway so this wasn't too much of a struggle for me. The most exciting part was being able to wear my own clothes rather than a minging uniform 5 days out of 7.

Topshop Printed Skirt (Very old) / H&M Leather Trousers / Zara (Sale) Spotty Blouse 

Another perk of my new job is nail polish. In my previous place of employment this was prohibited so naturally I went a little cray-cray. To the extent that I whacked on some fake nails and painted them red! I feel so Jane Russell.

Kiss Round Nails (Filed & Cut down) Available from Boots / L'Oreal Miceller Water (Review) / Barry M Lipgloss in No4

And that is my February 2014 favourites! What have you been liking this February?