18 March 2014


First published in 1936, Daphne Du Maurier sets Jamaica Inn in 1820s Cornwall with the main character being Mary Yellan. I won't go into too much details because there is nothing worse than the story getting ruined. I ruined it for myself while researching Mary Du Maurier, if you want the mystery and suspense of Jamaica Inn to continue for as long as possible stay away from Google!

Initial & Final Thoughts

(I should note, initial and final thoughts are wrapped into one purely because I was too engrossed in the plot to bother jotting down some initial thoughts!)

From the off set, Du Maurier had me hooked. The suspense was there from the get-go. Her style of writing builds up fear and you develop genuine dislike, hate even, towards her Uncle and at first I felt sympathy to her Aunt but I came to loath her purely because she was so helpless. Brainwashed even. I understand she was beaten down, a broken woman essentially but Mary had a fighting spirit and courage that I admired and wanted to see from Aunt Patience as well. Nevertheless, Jamaica Inn is undoubtedly a gripping story that hooks you in early on.

In chapters of dangerous, key events I found myself reading faster and faster to ensure everything was resolved before I got to work or fell asleep.  Picking up speed was due to the adrenaline and intensity that came from the events also. From reading Jamaica Inn, I have already planned another couple of Du Maurier books I plan to read - Rebecca and My Cousin, Rachel are next on my list. Her style of writing is beyond perfect with interesting and addictive plot line, a definite on my list of favourite books.

I have also been told that the BBC are releasing a TV adaption of Jamaica Inn this summer I believe which I will without a shadow of a doubt be tuning into and know doubt fall in love with!

Have you read any Du Maurier books? Did you like them?

Next reads

For my 4th books of 2014, I have decided to go for something a bit different. Leant to me by my flatmate, Emma - you might meet her soon - Amor Twoles 'Rules of Civility' will be by April book. They aren't really running month by month but it is my 4th book nonetheless. Alongside this 1930s tale from New York City I shall be dipping in and out of Black Cats & Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes. More of a 'coffee table' book, I plan to read this every now and again when I want a quick little literary fix. 

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