4 March 2014


 H&M Jumper similar here / Topshop Skirt Similar here / Oasis Leather Jacket similar here / Mango Bag / New Look Boots

An outfit post, haven't done one of these in a long time. For whatever reason I just stopped doing them but I am back in the swing of blogging regularly so expect more outfits coming up!

This skirt is from Topshop roughly 5 years ago, I love the blue pattern on it especially with quite plain pieces. I teamed the skirt with my fluffy H&M jumper from last year which has seen me through 2 winters, I wish I'd picked it up in other colour. A beautiful pastel pink or cream would look amazing with jeans and Vans. I digress. New Look sale boots, Oasis Leather jacket and my Mango sale bag finished the look off and allowed me to look intensely into the distance of my window and the flats across the street. Oh the shots you get with 10 second self timer and 3 shots. I'm not important, it's my glad rags that are!

I actually really like this outfit and can definitely see me wearing this skirt right into the summer time even though it is a size 14 and hasn't been worn since I fitted into that size but I think even on a size 10 body it still works well. It's too pretty a print to chill in my wardrobe!


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