21 March 2014


Matching Tailoring. Hello! Nothing makes me smile - in terms of clothes - more than some tailoring, if it has an interesting pattern in a different colour then that is just a big fat bonus. While having one of my many daily scrolls through Pinterest - find me here - I came across a whole host of patterned co-ords that I instantly fell in love with. I wrote about dinner suits in particular over a year ago, if you fancy for suit based musings then you can find that here.

three reasons I love co-ords

1. It is classic tailoring (love) with an interesting spin. Chuck in a bright colour or an intricate pattern and you have an outfit that is not only versatile in terms of wearing with different items but it is a little bit different. An probably very eye catching. 

2. A suit is viewed as a masculine piece. I love androgyny so it doesn't bother me too much to wear black tux trousers, a velvet dinner jacket with some sparkly accessories and killer heels (one of my favourtie outfits I won) but a little pattern thrown into the mix can pull the look back from being overly masculine. I mean you don't see every other man walking down the street wearing a well tailored suit with a pink brocade pattern on it! If you have seen a man like this, send him my way please.

3.  They work for all seasons. If it is a winter wedding, chuck on a (faux) fur jacket and some diamonds earrings - channel your inner Marlyn for the day! In summer, open toe sandals with a simple cami that is cut well and you are all set. Even chucking a polo neck under a co-ord in the winter adds detail and interest without going cray cray with more patterns or colours.

To sum up, co-ords are my fave! What do you think of co-ords? Yay or nay?

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