17 March 2014


                              Zara blouse via ebay / £24

I shopped... again. Oopsy. Between buying books and random things I probably don't need, I have picked up a few tops recently. They are versatile and can be worn to work or at the weekend...

A random Zara find on ebay, after paying £6(!!) for postage this little beauty arrived and I instantly knew that this top would see me through 2014's Spring & Summer. It was worth the extortionate postage. (I think taking photos of new buys with them on the body works better than it flopped on the floor, what do you think?)

Zara Fuchsia Pink Heels via ebay - £14

Fuchsia pointy toe heels have always been on my 'to buy' list, everything about them just screams classic, beautiful shoes. Following a delayed postage I realised they had been sent to my old flat. Long story short, the new tenants in my old flat tried to do me out of my shoes - warning: you cannot keep me from my shoes - after almost walking away empty handed I peered in the hall of my old home and saw them out the corner of my eye. Following a very false "Oh I didn't see them there" from fore mentioned new tenant, off I skipped to the bus stop new pretty shoes in tow. (With a major OH EM GEE conversation with Emma on the phone about the cheek of trying to steal these little beatus from me!) To sum up, they are perfectly gorgeous, I love them and cannot wait to wear them. I can see them in my head with so many things. Keep your eyes peeled for a very lady-like feeling erratic glamour...

In short, Zara find on ebay has been a success. got two pieces that I love and can't wait to wear. Winning. 

What have been your ebay steals?


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