10 March 2014

L I F E : F I T - T I M E

Following a stint away from working out regularly - and properly- I have re joined the haven that is the gym. Basically since moving flat, getting a full time desk job and being time poor due to this I feel sluggish and like I've gained a few pounds that just don't work for me. As the old cliche goes, "eat well and exercise the weight will take care of itself" They go hand in hand!

This said, I am identified some bad eating habits that I've adopted as of late which I need to break.

  • Eating due to boredom. Picking, nibbling, munching... the lot. If you aren't hungry - DON'T EAT. Instead do some sit ups, plans for 30s, get a glass of water. Just do something other than eating because I am bored.
  • Carb Overloading. Before my workout lull, I ate little carbs. If I did so, it was complex carbs such as sweet potato. No pasta, no bread... you catch my drift. Instead of carbs fruit & veg with lean protein.  
  • Sweet Treats. I am not a massive fan of sweets or chocolate, I eat them very rarely but the temptation in an office is always there. Sweets and chocolates getting passed round. Pastries delivered on a Friday. Just no. They aren't worth it especially when you don't enjoy it.  

Hopefully with a mix of healthy eating, exercise and a positive attitude I'll be back to my A Game before summer. 


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