15 March 2014


As a self confessed introvert, I think,  people sometimes misunderstand what an introvert is and that introverts come in all forms. I suppose as with everything in life, there are many shapes and sizes. So I figured, I would put my 2 cents in on the topic.

Being an introvert has a lot of negative stigmas that go along with the label but just because you enjoy some time to yourself or conversation that is meaningful rather than passing the time of day with a person, what is so wrong with that?

Oxford Dictionary Definition of an introvert:

Line breaks: intro|vert

1. A shy, reticent person

1.1 Psychology A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. Compare with extrovert.

To an extent, I would agree with this definition. Shy, I think, is a word pasted onto all introverts when in fact this doesn't apply to all of us. Personally, being shy or quiet is normal until I am comfortable around that person. Once I'm comfortable you will probably find it incredibly difficult to shut me up!  I love chatter and finding out about people - tip to getting to know people, ask questions! - you just have to give me time to relax into your company. I'm sure there are other 'introverts' that feel the same, just because I am being quiet doesn't mean that I don't want to be there or feel part of the activities. Listening and observing are traits I hold in high regard. Would you really spend a lot of time talking with someone that just doesn't listen to what you say? 

One place where I actually found a definition that I found to be accurate was Urban Dictionary of all places. Not exactly the place you turn to for a sensible definition. I like going out with friends whether it be  nights out, shopping, the pictures, dinner... the list goes on but after spending a long time with people, I just like to chill by myself and re-group. My imagination is a vivid one and sometimes I like to go wandering in it and then come back to earth when I feel recharged. What's so bad about that?! 

Are you an introvert? Do you feel tared by the same brush? While researching introverts, I came across this little quiz on the Guardian website. Go do it if you have a free minute, everyone loves a quiz, right? 


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