3 March 2014

N E W - B U Y S

So apparently I have a shopping problem and find the need to display my purchases on erratic glamour. This week is a little mix of beauty products and some fashion goodies.

A few weeks ago I talked about the Skin Perfecting Miciller Water from L'Oreal  that I picked up as my new make up remover. Don't get me wrong, I still love this product but being a bit of a product lover of course I had to have a nose at the Garnier Micellar Water! My main reason for doing was the fact that the bottle is 400ml opposed to the 200ml of it's L'Oreal counter part. Being roughly the same price giving Garnier a shot seemed like the sensible thing to. Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on Garniers contribution coming soon.

To accompany this, I picked up another Barry M Gelly polish in Lychee. I wasn't overly fussed about this polish for a long time but for some reason I just couldn't resist it this time around. The fair taupe, putty tone called me name and I answered!

While browsing the New Look website in search of a blazer I came across these little gems. Reduced from £27.99 to £14.99, I couldn't resist really. A decent heel for daytime without being huge and some detail - winning. And they were a total steal. I did pick up a really lovely black jacquard blazer for £9 but sadly it is too tight across the back so the search for the perfect blazer - white and black - is back on. 


  1. Ooh I look forward too your review on this make up remover, I have just brought the Loreal one and fallen a little bit in love with it.. You should try H&M or Dorothy Perkins for blazers darl.. they have some amazing peices in right now. xx


    1. I love the loreal one too but can't help myself! H&M came through, can always rely on H&M for a good blazer xx