16 March 2014


one - the gym
Tuesday night saw my return to the gym. I used to love going to the gym then I branched out and worked out by myself, I'm not sure what I enjoy more. With summer round the coroner who wants to be cramped up in an airless gym? More on my gym trip later...

two - Jamaica Inn
Chosen as my 3rd read of 2014, Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn is without a doubt one of the most perfectly written novels I've ever read. And I mean ever. Gripping from the get go, this story is just too wonderful. A review to come soon.

three - concussion
So most of this week was spent lying down. I had a bad knock to the end at the gym, went work, felt shit so came home. After a trip to A&E, I have been resting! It isn't fun but as long as my dizzy, fuzzy head stays away then I will be happy. Conclusion, concussion is a weird weird thing! Between naps, YouTube videos and episodes of Suits I've tried to wiggle in some blog post planning. 

four - vintage fair
This afternoon was a bit of a time travel experience, myself and some chums headed to a vintage fair in Edinburgh. After being attracted to every other sparkly, jeweled thing in sight I opted to part ways with my cash for a gorgeous black evening top that I plan to wear to my cousins wedding in April. Razzle Dazzle them and all that! 

five - Monki
While resting and recuperating, the delivery man appeared at my flat door with a lovely little Monki order. My first time with the brand everything went smoothly. I bought a blouse and a tee both of which I am sadly returning due to not being 100% sure on them. If you aren't sure, chances are you won't wear them but I think in the future I will be purchasing more from Monki - they seem to be the Queens of printed blouse, dresses with details that are just a little bit different and affordable basics. 

six - Jeux d'enfants 
Love me if you Dare a French film (with english sub titles) starring Marion Cotillard and Gulliaume Canet. Cotillard is my favourite actress so I figured this film would be a nice way to spend my Thursday night, don't get me wrong it was. Little bit of romance, playful flirtatious bickering but a disappointing ending. There is nothing worse than a let down of an ending!


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