30 April 2014

Baby Pink Biker.

After picking up my little beauty of a biker jacket from Zara the other week I have been throwing it on over different bits and pieces. On Sunday I decided to chuck it on over my H&M daisy print tea dress and chuck on my chunky heeled boots. Simple but still more exciting than jeans and a tee. Although I do love jeans and a tee. Who doesn't?! The jacket speaks for itself really. Baby pink isn't hard to avoid. Especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful biker jacket. I actually really like the contrast between the hard biker jacket and the baby pink colour. Nice touch. Also the baby pink really sets off the dress.

Jacket - Zara // Dress - H&M // Boots - New Look // Bag - Pull & Bear via ASOS

28 April 2014


I've never been a neon kind of gal. Never. That is until I found myself longing for a neon pink polish - never been much of a pink girl either but we can all change - one Sunday morning. Following the usual getting ready to face my public routine and a wander round a couple of shops I found myself in Boots coo-ing over the Models Own stand. 10 minutes later I left with two neon polishes in my bag and a skip in my step.

I decided to go for the standard highlighter neon pink by Models Own called Bubblegum and a bit more of a subtle (?!) pinky red tone named Pink Punch. Both equally obnoxious and fabulous at the same time. It was 3 for 2 and I totally needed two neon polishes... kay...

27 April 2014

Six For Sunday

one // nose piercing

I am in a debate at the moment about whether to get my nose pierced or not. Nothing crazy, just a really simple little stud.What do we think? Would it be totally inappropriate/look ridiculous? Getting a bit of jewellery added to your face is quite a big decision I think. Not like it could be easily hidden.

two // Jamaica Inn

Following reading Daphne Du Mauriers Jamaica Inn back in February/March time I naturally tuned into the BBC adaption running Monday through Wednesday this week. Not as good as the book, as the book is exceptional but still a good watch. I know that some people complained that the sound wasn't too good but I didn't have any problems understanding it... Plus Jem was a total babe <3

three // Taking Back Sunday

I love it when you fall back into listening to a band or an artist. They totally fall off your radar for a few years then one day you hear one of their songs and bam you love them again. Cute without the e, Flicker Fade and Sink into me are the theme songs of my days as of late.

Anyone else fallen back into listening to a band?

four // Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

After falling off my reading challenge. Actually this seems to be a constant theme through my life right now, not sure what happened there?! I am back into my reading challenge and book number 4 is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Very late getting on the band wagon for this one but the movie is out in the Autumn so I need go read it before then. Always read the book first!

So far I am loving it. The writing style is engaging and to the point without lacking description and I've not even each the key lot change!

five // Sunshine

How much of a difference does a nice sunny day make? People are so much chirpier and nice! It makes such a difference plus it means some semi-summer close can be rocked. Come on summer, maxi dresses and sandals all day ery day are calling. So excited for summer days in the Meadows and beer gardens galore! #summer2014

six // hair growth

I haven't done a hair growing update in a long time. I figured there wasn't much point doing it as regularly as when it was really short and growing out because there won't be that much of an obvious difference. My hair has some length to it now and actually I am liking where it is at. Got myself a wee cheeky fringe and a bob compared to where my hair was this time last year - it is crazy!

Happy Sunday!

26 April 2014

Baby Pink.

You know that way when you see something while online window shopping - it's a thing, trust me - and you keep thinking about it, a bit like having a crush on a boy (yuck!), and eventually either purchase online on a whim or head in store to eye up the said good and eventually part ways with your hard earned cash. I took the latter route. A total planned impulse buy.

The result is this beautiful baby bike biker jacket being added to my collection of jackets. At £59.99, I don't feel that bad because it is a versatile piece that I'll get a lot of wear out of... thanks Zara. It also comes in a baby blue colour as well but apparently I am apparently turning into a pink girl. In the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a changing!

20 April 2014


I haven't blogged in about a week or so. Why, I'm not entirely sure but I had prepared this Six for Sunday from a few weeks ago so I will just merge 3 weeks! Why not? Life in the fast lane and all that.

one - Justin Timberlake
Through work I got VIP box tickets to Justin Timberlake. One word - Amazing. JT is so talented and an incredible performer. Totally worth paying money for the tickets - even though I didn't but I totally will in the future. 

two - skincare
I need a major skincare re-vamp. Garnier products don't work for me, I know this,  so I start using them again. Makes sense... My skin can't seem to handle chemicals at all, it just leads to swollen, dry eyes and blemishes so I am looking into more natural skincare products. Things that aren't going to make my skin go crazy and will allow for my skin to feel healthy and moisturised. Watch this space I guess! 

three - piercings
I got my tragus pierced in Janauary and since then have been bitten by the bug. I got my rook pierced which was so much more painful than my tragus but I love how it looks. For some reason, I just really want another one! The piercer was 100% right when she said "I'll see you next time!" Now I'm considering a helix with a hoop or my nose... not sure how my work would feel about the nose one though.

four - fake tan
I fell out of love with fake tan for a while but as soon as I sprayed on that St Moritz dark goodness I was so happy to be back to the colour of teak. I just love to be orange, what can I say!

five - you tube 
Recently I have been dabbling in You Tube - erratic glamour - as an aside to my blog, I think it is quite nice. For random uploads on random topics go have a wee look around! 

six -springtime
How nice is this sunny weather! Makes such a difference to everyone's mood and you can rock a pair of sunnies - love a pair of sunnies. I met my friend Claire for coffee today and she said she missed my Six for Sunday posts so it's only right for this one to be dedicated to her!

Happy Sunday!

5 April 2014


After trying out L'Oreal attempt at a Miceller Water, I decided to try it's larger bottled rival from Garnier. The main reasoning behind this being it is a larger bottle for cheaper! In the past Garnier products and I haven't gotten along. I have very sensitive skin and certain products strip any moisture out my skin causing an eczema outbreak. Previously the Garnier  Soft Essentials range caused havoc with my skin, it dried out my skin to the extent that my eyelids become so dry they were swollen to double the size. Not my best look.

Unfortunately after a couple of days of use, this product has done the same which is a shame because it is a nice product but I will admit I prefer the L'Oreal. I didn't feel it removed my make up as thoroughly and was a tad abrasive on my skin. Take this with a pinch of salt if your skin isn't a very sensitive. I am passing it on to my mum to use so hopefully she can get some use out of it.

Have you tried this?

Come say hi!