20 April 2014


I haven't blogged in about a week or so. Why, I'm not entirely sure but I had prepared this Six for Sunday from a few weeks ago so I will just merge 3 weeks! Why not? Life in the fast lane and all that.

one - Justin Timberlake
Through work I got VIP box tickets to Justin Timberlake. One word - Amazing. JT is so talented and an incredible performer. Totally worth paying money for the tickets - even though I didn't but I totally will in the future. 

two - skincare
I need a major skincare re-vamp. Garnier products don't work for me, I know this,  so I start using them again. Makes sense... My skin can't seem to handle chemicals at all, it just leads to swollen, dry eyes and blemishes so I am looking into more natural skincare products. Things that aren't going to make my skin go crazy and will allow for my skin to feel healthy and moisturised. Watch this space I guess! 

three - piercings
I got my tragus pierced in Janauary and since then have been bitten by the bug. I got my rook pierced which was so much more painful than my tragus but I love how it looks. For some reason, I just really want another one! The piercer was 100% right when she said "I'll see you next time!" Now I'm considering a helix with a hoop or my nose... not sure how my work would feel about the nose one though.

four - fake tan
I fell out of love with fake tan for a while but as soon as I sprayed on that St Moritz dark goodness I was so happy to be back to the colour of teak. I just love to be orange, what can I say!

five - you tube 
Recently I have been dabbling in You Tube - erratic glamour - as an aside to my blog, I think it is quite nice. For random uploads on random topics go have a wee look around! 

six -springtime
How nice is this sunny weather! Makes such a difference to everyone's mood and you can rock a pair of sunnies - love a pair of sunnies. I met my friend Claire for coffee today and she said she missed my Six for Sunday posts so it's only right for this one to be dedicated to her!

Happy Sunday!


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