3 May 2014

April Favourites.

St Moritz spray tan

After falling back into my love of being teak earlier this month and due to the addiction having a re-birth, I naturally ran out of tan and had to buy more! Fast forward to a trip to Savers and me standing doe-eyed staring at the shelf stacked full of St Moritz goodness. That was the moment I discovered St Moritz spray. Up till now I was a mousse fan but since finding the spray - I am converted. The dark spray comes out really intense. A deep bronze that develops quickly and evenly. It dries a lot faster than the mousse and is easier to apply. Always stand on a towel and make sure anything you definitely don't want sprayed on is out of the way otherwise it'll be a hella mess!

Foster the People - Supermodel

Since I first heard Pumped up Kicks back in the summer of 2010 I have loved Foster the People. Catchy, easy listening that never gets old. There second album Supermodel is not a let down by any means. Filled with the same catchy and different music that we have grown to expect from the Los Angeles trio. Some of my favourite songs from Supermodel are Coming of age, Are you what you want to be and Ask Yourself. Go check out their second album, and their first if you haven't already!

Models Own Neon Polishes

With my super dark tan Models Own neon polishes seriously pop. They are bright and eye-catching - perfect for summer. I had never ventured into the land of neon polishes before tending to stick to dark colours, to match my soul. These little babies have 100% converted me. I only got them in the last weekend in April but that still counts as an April favourite... right?!

BBC Adaption of Jamaica Inn

I have mentioned this before but it was an important part of my April. The book is one of my favourite books. If you haven't read it then you seriously need to take your little bot down to Waterstones - or any other reputable book dealer - and get yourself a copy of this wonderful book.

The TV adaption from the good ol beeb got mixed reviews. Some complained of poor sound, others of the plot straying from that written by Du Maurier. I loved it. The book is still my favourite but the adaption was good. Jessica Brown Findlay was amazing. Jem Merlynn was a dish.


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