10 May 2014

You're an Animal.

I love leopard print. Not in the Bet Lynch kind of way. I would say it was more of a subtle yet wonderful love. Aren't they the best kinds...

While browsing ASOS on my lunch break I came across these little beauties and knew I had to get them. At £20 it would be rude not too really. They are sensible and affordable. And hurt like nothing on earth the first few wears but that is void information. This top, also an ASOS buy, is super unflattering think maternity meets Christmas extra weight hider but I love it. Definitely not the best cut for the booby, small waist and larger bums of this world - that's me - but it's too comfortable not to wear.

Leather Jacket + top + skaters // ASOS
Jeans // H&M
Bag // Mango Sale 


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